All puppies are raised in our home and our aim is to breed long lived healthy bernese with exceptional temperaments. Puppies are available occasionally.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is suitable for families with older children due to it being more energetic it could be too large for families with toddlers or very young children as puppies and young dogs can be quite boisterous.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is generally gentle and placid and is not a breed for solitary life in the backyard as without personal attention they can become miserable which can then become a problem dog.

The breed is slow to mature and while it may reach its full height at around 12 months of age, it could take up to another 2-3 years to fill out.

An untrained Bernese , despite its gentle disposition, can be a problem due to its size. Formal training is strongly recommended as well as daily exercise.

In the summer months it is vital for them to have sufficient shade and water as they are susceptible to heat stress. It is recommended that they have access to cool rooms, such as laundries and bathrooms.