DOB:15.01.2008 -20.11.2020
Hips: 4x1 Elbows: 0x0
Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear
Von Willebrand's disease: Clear

Kandy is Rosie's daughter from her first litter. She is the girl who likes to watch, always in a corner somewhere keeping an eye on the events that are happening around her. She has a very sweet temperament however as she is more reserved she likes to make her own mind up about any visitor that enters the house.

Our special girl Kandy achieve the grand age of 12 years 10 months 5 days however after a burst of hot weather her health started to decline even after being clipped and inside in the air conditioning. Kandy had developed heart failure and had a very low pulse rate and the quality of life was no longer there. The kindest thing to do was to give her her wings.

Sire: CH. Nalle Fender V't Rijkenspark (IMP NETH) NHSB2454953
DOB: 10/05/2003 -

Dam: CH. Zanzebern Gentle Annie 2100210962
DOB: 27/05/2005- Jan 2018